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Linux Tips and Tricks

Let it Snow



we all started to celebrate the Christmas. Today we will see the command xsnow

In the ubuntu system, type the below command to install the xsnow command

$sudo apt-get install xsnow

Once the package is downloaded and installed, open the console and type the below command.


Once you executed the command, you can see wonderful snow flakes in your desktop and santa claus will be traveling in his moose vehicle and you can see Christmas trees.

you have the blow options in this command.

1) change the snow flakes count ( default is 100 )
2) change the snow flakes color
3) change the tree color
4) background color
5) santa size
6) no trees, no santa

If you want to execute this command in background, then type the below command.

$xsnow &

If you want to stop the snow, then type kill the xsnow PID

ps -ef | awk '/xsnow$/ {print $2}'

Once you found the PID of the xsnow, then issue the kill command.

kill -i PID

Happy Christmas 🙂

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